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Securing resources for
emerging markets
Vector360 is defining global procurement and delivery systems through our industry knowledge and resources. Vector360 offers global business support to the emerging markets of the world. Our specialty is providing any and all resources needed in the oil and gas industry, especially in the West Africa region of the world.

Offshore Production and Storage Facilities
Vector360 provides a variety of equipment and supplies for the construction, operation, and maintenance of offshore production and storage facilities. Our procurement and material supply services are backed by an extensive and trusted network of vendors. Our resources aid with:
  • Drilling rigs
  • Mooring
  • Support vessels
  • Logistics support
  • Training and Development
  • Engineering Assistance
  • Environmental Issues

US Branding
Do companies or governmental agencies in the US know your company? If you want major players in the US to know your firm, and begin to develop lasting relationships with people that can help take your business to the next level, we can do that. We take your local credibility, translate it to traction in the US market, and help extend it globally.

To assist in this market we can help with:
  • Advertising Development and Procurement
  • Industry publication articles featuring your firm
  • News stories on your recent developments
  • Governmental Relations
  • Introductions to people that matter to you